what we do for private for trade for industry contact imprint home Interior concepts, concepts for re-buildings, new buildings and extensions We are your partners, who are independent of suppliers, or furniture  stores (Lutz, Kika, Ikea etc.), or carpenters , or workmen or (and) a  combination of all. Many years of experience have made us  specialists, particularly in all rebuilding concepts. We supply ideas  and organize and coordinate upon request the professionals, who  transform the project for you. Following the requirements of the  professionals we will always consider your budget. We will  harmonically integrate your desires (from inside to the outside) in  form and colour. So the result will be the living space of your  dreams. We will take care of all the juridical basic conditions  beforehand, and also in the process of realization. Our offer is  topped off with the co-creation of your outside arrangement, such as  driveway, garden or swimming pond.  design4yourlife.at